Scientific discovery of the Black Hole

Archetype of the Unknown, the Blank Card, Death/Rebirth, the Mystery!

Two MIT scientists, Dr. Katie Bouman & Dr. Margaret Hamilton have discovered the Black Hole.  

Astrologically speaking, this lines up magnificently with new beginnings, leading us into a new age of discovery, the Divine Feminine, dying to what we think we know (mind) and opening up to the Unknowable (heart). Are we ready to leave our old ways behind of division, the illusion of separation, judgements, hatred, control and manipulation?  Or are we ready to step into the Unknown, rebirth ourselves into our own hearts, know the deepest truth of who we are, see with our heart/spiritual eyes instead of old human ones!

It amuses me that this monumental discovery from Science was made by two women.  Metaphysicians have known of this fact for eons, but Science needs to catch up.   We’re all going through massive upgrades if we can let go of needing to know and just allow our human forms to upgrade from 3rd dimensional Beings to 4th/5th dimensional Beings and beyond. Our bodies may do this in a painful manner however, lots of pineal type migraines/headaches, (as this part of our “all seeing” nature finds new neural pathways to operate from), skin itches everywhere, sharp sudden pains.  This may or may not be your spiritual body coming more online.  You may have to check it out with the medical model, but usually the body needs lots of sleep as this is unfolding.  We delay these activations by fighting it, keeping on going when we need to rest, resisting change, doing same old same old all the time.  So is this affecting you?  It sure is happening to me and many others that I know.   I have to resist the urge to keep being busy and instead just BE.

Massive change is afoot.  The Mystery is deepening.  Will we allow it to unfold or will we react with fear, resistance and struggle.  Our choice at the end of the day.  We’re all on this ride together, but how the ride unfolds depends on our core beliefs.  May we all experience this with ease and grace, as our capacity to surrender to Source deepens from within.

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