No. It deals with your current reality, by explaining how your past experiences have led to this point, giving you clarity around possible future choices. It is not based on psychic skill.
It will give you direction as to how to proceed to make relevant changes in your life that will lead to more empowerment and inner peace.
Yes. Sometimes it’s hard to get the clarity you want cause of fear and expectations, so chart readings cut through this sabotage to the core truth.
By understanding the past, you can then have the clarity to deal with present time in a different way, which leads to an abundant future. However, at the end of the day, the choice is yours whether to take the next step or not!
Usually several solutions arise, though sometimes chart readings are just affirming that you’re already on your path.
I truly believe we already know our deepest truth; it’s just that we play games with ourselves because of our perceived beliefs. The chart readings get to the heart of the matter.
Your body and intuition always know when something resonates with you. It’s a matter of trusting this part of yourself to guide you.
Totally, a chart reading will make sense of your journey to date and give you a bigger picture to contemplate that may not have occurred to you before.

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