Scientific discovery of the Black Hole

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Archetype of the Unknown, the Blank Card, Death/Rebirth, the Mystery! Two MIT scientists, Dr. Katie Bouman & Dr. Margaret Hamilton have discovered the Black Hole.   Astrologically speaking, this lines up magnificently with new beginnings, leading us into a new age of discovery, the Divine Feminine, dying to what we think we know (mind) and opening [...]

I’m thrilled with the feedback

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Thanks Liss, for your kind words - "I absolutely loved the book - brilliantly makes big concepts easy to understand and follow, all whilst sharing your great wisdom and love. thank you."  This is the reason I was guided to write the book in the first place. You can buy the book at Amazon: Or Book [...]

Bali Retreat: Journey into Wholeness

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Journey Into Wholeness Insights into the Deeper Self SPIRITUAL RETREAT IN UBUD - BALI 7 glorious days, 6 glorious nights 22nd July - 28th July 2019 How often do you take time to immerse yourself in spiritual practice while being pampered and experiencing luxurious comfort, warmth and loving support?  This is your chance to re-connect and explore the real you [...]


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Dear Barb, Thank you most sincerely for the super presentation you gave at the The Hub on Archetypes and Levels of Consciousness.  As a novice in our first meeting, I had no sense of what an archetype actually was. Blind faith kept me going. So to hear ‘the big picture, and big it was, was [...]