Scientific discovery of the Black Hole

Archetype of the Unknown, the Blank Card, Death/Rebirth, the Mystery! Two MIT scientists, Dr. Katie Bouman & Dr. Margaret Hamilton have discovered the Black Hole.   Astrologically speaking, this lines up magnificently with new beginnings, leading [...]

I’m thrilled with the feedback

Thanks Liss, for your kind words - "I absolutely loved the book - brilliantly makes big concepts easy to understand and follow, all whilst sharing your great wisdom and love. thank you."  This is the reason I [...]

Bali Retreat: Journey into Wholeness

Journey Into Wholeness Insights into the Deeper Self SPIRITUAL RETREAT IN UBUD - BALI 7 glorious days, 6 glorious nights 22nd July - 28th July 2019 How often do you take time to immerse yourself in spiritual [...]


Dear Barb, Thank you most sincerely for the super presentation you gave at the The Hub on Archetypes and Levels of Consciousness.  As a novice in our first meeting, I had no sense of what [...]

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