What is an Archetype Chart Reading?

An Archetype Chart Reading is for anyone who wants to know a deeper level of truth about where they are right now or where they’ve been.   It helps to pull all the pieces of your life together in a comprehensive and tangible way that just makes sense.

It can apply to physical health issues, relationships, existential crises, in fact, anything you can think of that is mystifying to you.

Levels of Consciousness.

  1. A chart reading involves choosing 8 Archetypes randomly.
  2. I add in another 4 as these are pertinent to all readings, which then forms a total of 12 Archetypes.
  3. You then blend these Archetypes with the 12 astrological houses, forming 12 pairs.
  4. Finally you choose a level of Awareness or Consciousness to match each of the 12 pairs.

This forms a chart reading that is relevant to your life and current status.


We arrange a mutually convenient time to connect via Skype and I do the reading for you in present time. 

I will record the reading for you as an mp3 and send you a link to where this can be downloaded at your leisure. 

Experience shows me there is way too much information to remember, and with selective memory alive and well, you will need to listen at least twice to gain the best from the reading.

Book an Archetype Chart Reading

Four Main Archetypes, Astrological Wheel, Expanded Level of Consciousness.

Archetype Explanations 1, Actor, Advocate, Alchemist, Animal, Artist and Blank

Archetype explanations 2: Caretaker, Catalyst, Celibate, Clown/Fool, Confidante, Controller, Coward

Archetype Explanations 3:, Detective Sleuth, Disciple, Disciplinarian, Drama Queen

Archetype Explanations 4: Entertainer, Equivocator, Escapist, Explorer, Extrovert

Archetype Explanations 5: Facilitator, Fantasy, Fool’s Love, Friend

Archetype Explanations 6: God/Goddess, Good Girl/Boy, Healer, Hermit, Hero/Heroine

Archetype Explanations 7: Judge, King/Queen, Knower, Leader, Lover

Archetype Explanations 8: Maiden/Mother/Crone, Magician, Maiden/Knight, Mascot, Maverick, Martyr, Midas, Monk/Nun, Mother/Father, Mystic, Myth

Archetype Explanations 9: Observer, Olympian, Other Dimensions

Archetype Explanations 10: Pan, Peacemaker, Perfectionist, Philosopher, Pioneer, Prince/Princess, Procrastinator, Prophet Visionary, Protector, Puck

Archetype Explanations 11: Rebel, Rescuer, Risk taker

Archetype explanations 12: Sage/Crone, Scapegoat, Scholar, Scribe Reporter, Searcher, Servant, Shaman, Slave, Square Peg in Round Hole, Storyteller

Archetype Explanations 13: Transition, Trickster, Truth Seeker

Archetype Explanations 14: Villain Crook,Wanderer, Warrior, Weaver, Wizard/Genius, Worrier

Archetype Chart Readings